At La Piccola Casa we offer authentic Sicilian food, cooked according to carefully selected and tested recipes of chef Valentin Petrov. Chef Petrov has many years of professional experience in Italy and marked interest for the classical Sicilian cuisine and wines.

In the cool, shadowy garden off La Piccola Casa you will feel, as if in the yard of a house in a small island village, you'll be able to enjoy live music from the piano in the garden and try our meals. Fresh, delicately seasoned salads, thin, crispy semolina pizza, hand-made pasta, typical Sicilian barbeque and the almost mandatory antipasti. Only at La Piccola Casa you can taste the famous cannoli, the original cassatina sicliana and our own tiramisu.

At La Piccola Casa we have an excellent selection of the best Sicilian wines, offered on the Bulgarian market.


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